12 Step Immersion

Weekly In-House Meetings


At Rally House we actively foster an environment of peer support.  This allows newcomers to feel welcomed in a safe environment while also allowing more experienced members to lead by example.

Rally House facilitates regular house-meetings and check-ins to further strengthen the bond between each member.

Employment/School Assistance

Therapeutic Referral Assistance


Each member is given attention to ensure recovery needs are met.


When appropriate and if desired, families, therapeutic support, and referring sources can receive regular updates on recovery progress.





Drug and Alcohol Testing

Relapse Prevention


Accountability is an important component for any sober-living environment. At Rally House, we not only drug-screen and breathalyze every member on a regular basis, but we assist in creating skills to help self-identify relapse-behavior before relapse actually occurs. We strive to help members develop  self-accountability because we know it is the key to long-term success.