Recovering Education

Education is Growth

Rally Point Foundation’s Recovering Education program is a pathway for admission to and success in universities, trade and technical schools, and community colleges for residents of Rally House Sober Living. The first program of its kind within sober living houses, the program is offered free-of-charge to Rally House Sober Living Residents as resources permit.


Jesse McCarthy built the program on the foundation of practical experience working with college applicants in early recovery. As both participant and contributor to Vanderbilt Recovery Support and the Association for Recovery in Higher Education, Collegiate Recovery Communities is an enduring passion. 


There remains a large service gap in the collegiate recovery community: precious few resources to help those in early recovery access education. Education, certification, and professional development is a common early recovery goal but money, disabilities, and the consequences of drug policy make it difficult if not impossible.

Our ambition is to expand the program: to offer it free of charge to all residents and to the wider Nashville Recovery Community – but we need your support.  The Rally Point Foundation believes that money should not be a deciding factor in early recovery. Too often, our residents' goals are stifled by a lack of resources – you can be the deciding factor in helping a Rally House resident achieve their professional and educational goals.

Workshops and Weekly Sessions Tailored to Your Recovery

The program offers sessions with Jesse McCarthy, a Ph.D. candidate in History at Vanderbilt and person in long-term recovery from substance abuse. Jesse works with individual residents to develop a timeline for success, including identifying financial support and grants, barriers to admissions, and building support networks for recovery in education.


Group workshops and individual sessions are offered to residents and members of the Nashville recovery community as resources permit.


Group Workshops Offered:

  • Financial Aid and Grants

  • Application and Documentation

  • Admission: What Now?

  • Professional Writing

  • Collegiate Recovery

Rally Point Foundation Embraces All Paths to Higher Education:

  • Universities

  • Associate Degrees, Certificates, and Community College Transfers

  • Trade and Technical Schools

For more information, contact Jesse McCarthy jesse@rallypointfoundation.org