Rally Point Foundation embraces all paths to higher education:​

  • 4 Year Degree Granting Institutions

  • Associate Degrees, Certificates, and Community College Transfers

  • Trade and Technical Schools

Workshops Offered:

  • Financial Aid and Grants

  • Application and Documentation

  • Admission: What Now?

  • Professional Writing

  • Collegiate Recovery

At Rally Point Foundation, We Believe All Residents Deserve Equal Access to Education

Rally Point Foundation offers the Recovering Education program, workshops equipping residents for success from financial aid to maintaining sobriety in higher education.

Workshops and Weekly Sessions Tailored to Your Recovery

The Rally Point Foundation is excited to announce its new  program  Recovering Education headed by Jesse McCarthy PhD(c) and person in long term recovery.  This program offers a pathway to higher education to those in early recovery. Built on a foundation of practical experience working with college applicants in early recovery, the program systematizes the insights gained from practical application of higher education pedagogy in a recovery setting.