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Rally House

Men's Recovery Home

Who We Are

Rally House is a 12-step based sober-living home that provides long-term support and structure for a small group of committed men recovering from addiction-related disorders.  We assist men as they build the foundations of their recovery. We believe that support, accountability, and a desire to stay clean, just for today, can work for the men we serve. 


When we are surrounded by recovery, we become aware. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We believe this is the key to what makes a good sober living home function. When the men you are living with are going to meetings, working with a sponsor, maintaining employment, and living a clean lifestyle - we begin to believe it is possible for us.

Therefore, at Rally House it is imperative that we work with the fundamentally willing. This does not mean we demand perfection. After all, it has only been twenty to thirty days since most of our men were on the streets or in the bars at their worst. It is not important whether you feel like staying clean and working a program of recovery for the rest of your life. Feelings change all day, every day.  The only requirement for recovery is whether you are willing to take the actions that are suggested as a program of recovery at this moment, today.

Our Mission

To provide a platform to learn and recover through recovery immersion and community education.

What Makes Us Different

We operate on the fundamental belief that early recovery is about healing, growth, and moving out of our comfort zones. Too often, people seeking treatment and support for recovery for substance abuse find early recovery to be primarily about means, resources, and money. Your donations help us put Recovery First – no one seeking recovery should be turned away because of money.