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Rally Farms

Urban Farm, Located Downtown Nashville...in a Shipping Container

About Us

Rally house farms is the first Nashville-based urban hydroponic farm utilizing recycled insulated shipping containers to grow produce hydroponically.

By growing our produce in an enclosed container using hydroponic technology we provide healthy and fresh local produce all year round.

 Our specialties are culinary herbs and leafy greens including mini- and full-head lettuces, arugula, mustard greens, and kale. Rally Farm is an excellent example of the social and agricultural role that vertical farming with hydroponics can play in an urban city center. We seek to foster a close relationship with our community with outreach and conversation about the food system. We acknowledge that the food system relies on a foundation of food producers. Through our internship program. We want to create the opportunity to grow the next generation of food producers, teaching them to view things through a lens of technology, sustainability and creating a forward-thinking, urban farming future with hands-on educational programs.


Restaurants We Work With

Josephine, a Modern American cuisine restaurant, in Nashville has our salad on their menu! They are located on 12th Ave. South, approximately fifteen minutes from the farmers market.


Our Roots

Our name, Rally Farms, derives from our connection with Rally House Recovery Homes, based in Nashville, TN. David Goodman, Co-Founder of Rally House Homes, is one of Rally House Farms' founding members.

While Rally House Farms is an autonomous for-profit local business, because of our experience, we feel it is our calling to one day help serve this community by helping to provide temporary structure and employment to individuals who are unable to pay normal transitional living admission costs and who struggle to find healthy and meaningful employment while building the foundations of recovery.

Rally House Farms is one of the first Nashville based urban hydroponic farm utilizing recycled insulated shipping containers to grow produce hydroponically and is based in Nashville Farmers Market. It has operated since 2015 and at its present location at the Nashville Farmers Market since 2016. In 2020 it became a part of The Rally Point Foundation The farm support Rally Point Foundation with the sales of our year-round, local, sustainable, high-quality produce. Rally House residents can also participate in our internship program.