About the Mural

Words From The Artist about the Mural

"'Whoever sows injustice reaps calamity, and the rod they wield in fury will be broken.'

-Solomon, Proverbs 22:8

The Farmer’s Market sits on land the Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Shawnee Native peoples and elders call their homeland. Let us acknowledge and pay respect to them and offer deep gratitude and respect to the ancestral land and water that supports us.

Tennessee celebrates its tradition of agriculture in the state seal with the figure of a plough, sheaf of wheat, and cotton plant. The state’s agricultural and farming traditions were guided by natives and carried forth by enslaved blacks, sharecroppers, and migrant laborers. Farming has grown to be more commercial these days but some traditions continue thanks to descendants of the nation’s immigrants (colonizing settlers and otherwise).

This is a farm. Actually, it is a shipping container that has been converted and placed in an urban center. It is a hydroponic grow farm that allows plants to be grown vertically. The system uses 90% less water than conventional farming because it uses droplets that are then purified and recycled. Farms like this can be used as a tool to help eradicate food deserts in urban centers...to support growth in marginalized and neglected communities.

This particular farm is run by @rallyhousefarms which is an organization that 'Grows in Recovery'. Supporting Rally House Farms means getting good, sustainable greens, as well as supporting jobs and living for those recovering from drug addiction. It also means supporting a business that supports local artists and their ideas. Thanks to David at Rally House and Tasha at the @nashvillefarmersmarket for helping us continue this work.

Food scarcity and starvation in a nation of wealth and abundance is certainly an injustice to all of its citizens. Ironically, in the land of big farms...green spaces shrink, while rights and protections are offered to 'big pharm' and insurance companies.

Radical love is what we need for progress.

...real solutions for growth; reconciliation and recovery."


- Yusef Hubb